Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stars Without Stripes

Americans consume more than one million chickens per day! I’ll bet that’s more chickens eaten per day than apples consumed per day. In addition, Americans eat more than 200,000 cows per day and almost 250,000 pigs per day. That’s a lot death, a lot of torture, and a lot of horror each day. And, interestingly enough, Americans, by and large, revel in that horror, anxious for yet another dose of it within mere hours.

Remember: We are what we eat. You eat death? You are death; you are disease, you are illness, you are degeneration—like it or not.

I see today’s America as this: It’s that scrawny little dude that walks into the convenience store clad in black concert t-shirt, stone-washed jeans, and Nike high-tops, hair feathered down the middle, and a black Trans Am with gold eagle painted upon the hood awaiting his return in the parking lot.

You see, the U.S. is little more than a has-been nation today. And, deep down, you know that, even if you won’t admit it out loud.

Pet Peeve of the Day
Men that refer to grown women as “girls.” It’s a bit creepy, don’t you think? In that closet pedophile way.

Until next time...

Peace & Luv



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