Monday, April 14, 2008

Nephew Billy

I have no children. I have no urge to be a father—ever.

But I do love being an uncle…most days, at least.

My nephew turned ten a couple weeks ago. For his birthday, amongst other things, he received $100—five 20s—from his grandmother.

“Billy” cherished the gift. For our little Aries boy, self-reliance is a must, and having a roll of dough always enhances one’s opportunity for self-reliance.

Yet, self-reliance wasn’t his only objective. It seems puppy love was as well. You see, Billy’s little friend, “Suzie,” comes from a fragmented home; dad’s a boozer, and mom’s over in Iraq fighting someone else’s war. Since daddy digs the bottle more than he does accruing stamps on his Subway card of life, adorable little Suzie often gets left behind.

Not this time, Billy thought. With plans for several students to go skating at the rink on Friday evening, Billy was in a chivalrous mood. An all-too-shy kid towards the little ladies, he saw this as an opportunity to indirectly show Suzie how he felt about her.

After reciting his lines again and again all morning, he approached Suzie in the lunch room. In demure manner, she greeted him. In equally demure manner, he asked if she was going skating “with everyone” on Friday night. She studied the cream-white ceramic tile as she rocked back and forth on her tennis shoe heels. “No.” She continued to study the floor. “I can’t. I don’t have enough money.”

Billy knew, through hearsay, that this is why Suzie never made it to the rink on Friday nights. But he was now ten, much wiser than a few days earlier, and certainly quite a bit wealthier. He dug deep into his pocket and retrieved the roll of twenties. Turning his back to Suzie, he crouched over the roll and peeled the rubber hand from it. He eased a twenty from the roll, slid the rubber hand back onto it, then stuffed the roll into his pocket. He turned to Suzie, who, with wide eyes, hung on his every word.

“I don’t want you to have to stay home.” Billy stuck his arm straight out. The twenty dangled from his fist. “So please take this and come along.”

Suzie eyed the fist.

“Take it, please.”

Suzie continued to stare at the fist, hands deep in her pockets.

“It’s a lot of fun. And you deserve to have fun.” He nodded toward the fist. “Please.”

Suzie looked to Billy.

He nodded toward the fist again.

She eased her hands from her pockets and, open-palmed, raised one to Billy’s fist. He let go and the twenty fluttered to her hand.

Billy smiled, “See ya Friday,” and sprinted across the cafeteria, where his friends awaited him.

Needless to say, from my last report, Suzie’s dad drank the twenty and she was a no show at the rink. But, the kid was brilliant.

Raw Recipes

Here's one worth trying, especially as the weather warms.

Raw Chocolate Ice Cream

• Two cups dates
• One cup cashews
• Three cups purified/spring water
• Two three tablespoons raw cacao powder

Just blend then freeze.

Interesting Fact:

Did you know…

That all polar bears are left-handed?

Stupid Quote of the Week:

Since it’s now baseball season once again, I offer you this dandy:

"I love home openers, whether they're at home or on the road."
- Hall of Fame Catcher Yogi Berra

That’s it for now. Until next time…

Peace & Luv



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