Saturday, April 19, 2008

For Free

The world (or Internet, for that matter) is filled with schleps looking for free novels, free eBooks, and free audiobooks. Just run a search on “free romance novels” or "free audiobooks" or "free stories" and look at the number of sites catering to these fools.

The people typing these keyword phrases daily back up their slacker’s gluttony with slogans like, “Everything online should be free!” or It should all be open source.”

Yeah, whatever. Go back to Berkley and recite your poetry on a street corner; go save a whale, beatnik.

Ever hear the phrase “you get what you pay for”? Precisely!

The reason certain writers offer their novels or stories for free? Because, well, they suck. That’s right: They can’t write in my league…or Grisham’s league…or Vince Flynn’s league…or Nicholas Sparks league…or Stephen King’s league.

The reason any writer would offer his or her work, in its entirety, for free is because he or she sucks. It’s that simple. Any novel offered for free is worth just that—nothing!

Don’t believe me? Next time you need your spleen removed, the next time you need car insurance, the next time you want to feast on that whopper or attend that movie or take that vacation…

Try doing it for free!

Stay real.



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