Friday, April 25, 2008

Biz Ethics

Today’s lesson, my child, is the rudimentary principle of “business ethics.”

Rule #1: No matter where you work—Canada, Costa Rica, America, the Internet, on a street corner, in a mega-mall, or amid an ivory tower—the business world does not cry for your failures, and it is not an experiment in humanity; it doesn’t change diapers or fill formula bottles or drive a minivan; it isn’t going to watch Joey’s soccer games or teach little Nichole how to execute a proper pirouette. The business world is not a pseudo-sensitive vegetarian with bounties of latent insecurities.

No. In truth, the business world is a saber-toothed tiger that hunts its prey with no regret, kills it with precision, and then devours it with fervor.

If you can’t deal with that—if you’ve convinced yourself that you will, even if your life depends on it, get the business world to enroll in a sensitivity course or check itself into an Adlerian clinic—you’d best not enter the realm…ever.

Instead, go work for a charity and put your labor where your mouth is, for a change.

Otherwise, leave the savvy players to play—to play the game as it should be played.

Until next time...

Stay safe.



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