Thursday, March 6, 2008

Babble Fish

OK, I'm going to do my best to keep a consistent schedule here; I read somewhere recently that it's the best way to "market myself." Lovely. So, how about Thursdays and Sundays?

Right. Like I'll be able to keep a schedule. Anyway...Perhaps I'll simply hire a new publicist to handle the "marketing of myself," huh?

Today's thoughts and tidbits:

➢ My Bee Balms audiobook is done but not yet packaged properly. Bummer. I'm anxious to get it into your hands.

➢ A woman at my neighborhood natural foods store (yes, I literally have a neighborhood natural foods store) has been busting on me all week—in typical Baby Bummer condescending manner—for the amount of apples I eat per day. (Like four or five.) You see, I stop there each day on my way home from the dog park; I like my food fresh, so I choose to shop each day. Yet, each time I step into my friendly natural foods co-op, it's almost like I have a salvage lot-magnet attached to my ass and Baby Bummer Beast has a gut full of cast iron. After she inevitably hunts me down, she blasts me for buying so many apples, thinking that her root canal-like sarcasm is funny day after day. (I know, good business, huh?) The irony? At five three, she weighs no less than a couple bucks and looks to be in desperate need of some fiber herself. Damn troll...

➢ A little bummed to hear that Venezuela and Colombia may well end up warring soon. Just what the world needs: another "skirmish" to glorify. Coffee and cocaine, man. That's all the world needs to be happy.

➢ Just found out that we’re going to be at the Printer’s Row Book Fair in Chicago—the nation’s second largest book fair after LA—June 6 & 7. We’d love to see you there.

➢ This Saturday we move our clocks forward and capture another precious hour of evening sunlight. Can’t wait!!

➢ Had my first three acupuncture sessions this past month. I think it might be the greatest thing ever invented. Wow!

➢ I was asked by the Bronte Prize committee, in preparation for their 2008 award announcement in June, to give a signed copy of Bee Balms & Burgundy to...the 2008 winner! (LOL) Now, that's a little absurd, don't ya think?

➢ I was reminded again this week why I worship women (at least Gen X, Gen Y, and 'Tweener women, that is). So, to each of you, I offer a fond "thank you for being so lovable"; you're a goddess. Now, revel in it.

Until next time...

Stay safe.



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