Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tedious Tuesday

A few thoughts and tidbits:
* We've entered yet another "cold snap" this week in the Upper Midwest, our sixth such "snap" in the last six weeks. When, indeed, does a "cold snap" no longer qualify as a "snap" or a "spell" and simply become a "really shitty winter"???

* I'm so glad pitchers and catchers have finally reported. Let's wrap up hockey (Just hand the Stanley Cup the Red Wings already) and basketball (Crown the Celtics champs today), along with winter, and get on with the greatest game on earth—steroids, HGH, lies, gluttony and all. Go Twins!

* Saw Fool's Gold and Jumper this past week. Both good films, in my opinion. Of course, the woman with which I attended Fool's Gold tingled below the belt every time Matthew M. flexed his bare chest. Then again, seeing a petite Alexis Dziena in bikini, spread wide and with harpoon between legs, lathered me up a bit as well, so...

* Did you know that the average American is literally rotting from the inside out? Pretty sick when you think about it. (Especially if you're one consuming plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and cleansing himself/herself internally on a regular basis.) Think about that the next time you make love to or indulge in oral gratifying encounters with your mate. Is he or she in fact rotting and decaying from the inside out?

With that in mind, here's a simple little green smoothie recipe sure to not only cleanse you but satiate you as well:

* Two diced mangoes
* One pint diced pineapples
* One cup kumquats
* Seven large kale leaves sheered from stem
* 1.5 litres of purified water
* Mix into oversized blender pitcher then blend.

Nurse that all day and see what happens.


Deadpan Alley

Johnny races into the house from the school bus, bawling his little eyes out. “Mommy, all the kids on the school bus say I have a big head.”

Mommy squats in front of him. She wipes a few tears from his cheeks, and then hugs her little boy. “Johnny, sweetheart, you don’t have a big head.” She pats little Johnny on the back. “You have a hideously deformed head. The other kids are just trying to protect your feelings."


Look for the audiobook version of Bee Balms & Burgundy February 28.

Until next time...

Peace & Luv



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