Monday, February 25, 2008


I was listening to XM8 today, during a break from my next book and remodeling my house, simultaneously. As I relived my youth (in the second-greatest decade in American history, next to the fifties), I had a few questions (eight, to be exact) relevant to the decade.

1.) What was pop music's best male voice in the eighties? (My answer would be Simon LeBon, hands down.)

2.) Who was the coolest rock star of the era? (My answer would be Michael Hutchense. In fact, although he died while chasing a taboo form of orgasm, I'd say he was the coolest to ever live.)

3.) Best chick-fronted band of the eighties? (For me, The Motels and Bananarama.)

4.) What was the decade's best film? (I'd say The Untouchables, even though Tequila Sunrise might be my favorite from the decade.)

5.) What was the decade's best television show? (Because it paved the way for damn near every drama now on television, I'd say, without hesitation, Miami Vice. Best sit-com would probably be The Cosby Show, as it too paved the way for much of today's sit-com realm.)

6.) Biggest farce of the eighties? (While most Gen Yers will point to the skinny pink ties and big hair, I'd have to say that the biggest farce of the eighties was the fame, albeit momentary, of one Kip Winger.)

7.) What was the coolest/hippest American city in the eighties? (While it probably was LA or Miami, I'd say Chicago, just because I saw it first-hand.)

8.) Best scandal? (The Iran Contra, Granada Invasion, Savings & Loan, and Junk Bond Market fiascos were choice. Yet, I'd have to go with the absurdity of the Panama Invasion and its 2100 civilian deaths. Why, really, WHY do we not hear more of this massacre in our political history and films??? It was beyond ruthless; it was beyond corrupt.)

Have a great week.



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