Wednesday, November 21, 2007

T-Giving Wishes!

A time for thanks. Thus, I'd like to say I'm thankful that this is the first Thanksgiving without my father...instead of the tenth! I miss him, I still cry weekly in longing for just one more conversation with him, but I'm so damn thankful I had the time I had with him, and I'm thankful he never suffered in the end.

I'm so thankful that a dorky-but-beautiful, half-inbred, crooked-eyed puppy found her way to me a little over ten years ago; I'm thankful for the ways she changed me, for assuming the position of daughter in my life. I'm thankful I got the chance to receive her unconditional love for nine wonderful Thanksgivings prior, and that I had the chance (thanks to my Maker) to say a proper "goodbye."

I'm thankful my mother is still alive and healthy, that my siblings are prospering, and that I have the friends and lover I have.

And, I'm thankful as hell for YOU! So, I'd like to wish you—all our visitors (some 10,000 per month) along with all our readers—a very happy and nourishing Thanksgiving 2007.

And, as a show of our appreciation, we're offering you a listen to the first chapter of our Two for Tuesday audiobook, which is currently in production and slated for release in late-December. (Thanks to the vocal talents of Drew Birdseye and Lani Minella!)

Have a listen here:

Take care.



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