Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pointless Pondering

After a bit of pointless pondering, here’s an after-the-holiday thought from me to you:

We never get to choose whether or not we want to be an uncle or aunt; it’s hurled upon us, as we have no say in our siblings’ bedroom activities. In a way, it’s a helpless feeling. I mean, if I wanted to be an uncle to but a niece and nephew yet I end up with seven nephews…

As well—after some additional pointless pondering—I also realized, perhaps for the first time in essence, that if one chooses not to be a father or mother, he or she has also, indirectly perhaps, chosen not to be a grandparent someday as well.


Anyway…If you liked the last audiobook sample from Two for Tuesday, you can find another one here.

Stay real.



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