Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The World's Best Anti-Aging Secret

Beauty Tip of the Week:

OK, so I’m nearing my M.A. in Holistic Nutrition, and I’m a bona fide 100% raw vegan. Thus, from time to time, I enjoy forwarding to you useful information (and recipes) pertaining to the holistic/raw food lifestyle.

Now, want to live to be 125 and still feel great enough to make love to your mate (assuming he or she too is still alive at that age) twice a day??? (Remember, you’re probably really rich by that point and your kids are in their 90s and off on their own, so you have PLENTY of resources to relax your mind and plenty of time to subsequently devour one another a couple times a day! Mmmmmm.)

Well, then, let’s start our journey to 125 by:

• Eliminating all salt! Really, there’s no foodstuff worse for you than salt. Nothing! Don’t believe how bad salt is for you? Well, try pouring a bucket of it into your car’s gas tank. Now, if it does that to your car, what do you think it’s doing to you??? Get rid of the salt and sodium!! No table salt. No diet soda. And no tofu! (That stuff is LOADED with sodium!)

• Eliminate all refined sugar! Pretty much the same philosophy as the aforementioned poison.

• Eliminate all dairy. By this time you’re saying, “But, Nellie, what CAN I eat? You’ve taken everything away from me.” Uh, no, luv, I haven’t. I’ve taken the shit out of your diet, that’s all. According to raw food guru David Wolfe, that quart of skim milk, that block of cheese, that pint of yogurt and/or ice cream you love so much are all loaded with cow puss, steroids, antibiotics, added hormones, and all are pulled from an animal that moves less than 100 steps in its lifetime, is not once bathed, and stands in its own feces and urine 24 hours a day.

Dairy is foreign to your body, and it’s killed far more people in this world (indirectly, of course) than tobacco, alcohol, and drugs combined. Nothing clogs those arteries and trashes that colon quite like dairy, ya know?

• Consume lots of beta-carotene by way of dark green leafies (such as kale, collard greens, chard, romaine lettuce, parsley, spinach, etc.) In a future blog I’ll include a few recipes for awesome green smoothies that will allow you to consume massive doses of green leafies without ever really noticing them!

• Limit starches. (There’s nothing of value in starches. They’re simply a pollutant to your precious body.)

• Consume plenty of fruits, especially apples—try to eat at least three to four a day (preferably split between to mini meals). That’s all the fiber you’ll ever need in a day, and your heart will love you for it!

• If you can manage it, design your diet to consist of at least 75% fruits and vegetables and no more than 25% the other stuff. Your digestion, your joints, and your sharp little brain will be forever grateful.

So, you’re beautiful today, absolutely lovely. Yummy, I say. Now, let’s make sure you stay that way for another 80-100 years, OK?


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