Monday, September 17, 2007

Sacrifice the "Sacrifice"

A sensual encounter is a wonderful metaphor for the manner in which society, as a whole, should work.

I’m not, nor will I ever be, a supporter of collectivism; it’s adolescent; it’s “peer-pressure” driven, much like high school. Individualism is our true nature; Darwinism does hold water.

Now, in sex—the way it’s supposed to be—there’s a common goal serving the mutual benefit of both individuals. Even the woman that will do anything to please her man, the one that will go forty ways from Sunday and from head to toe for the sake of her guy, is doing such so that she will, in return, be loved, adored, and appreciated. Just like the worst sex you'll ever have, the best sensual encounters too are completely selfish—they’re always selfish.

So, forget the tired term “sacrifice” when discussing "great" relationships; the term is, in matters of love, rancid bromide, at best. Truth be told, love, sex, and romance are—indirectly a times, perhaps—completely selfish...just like philanthropy is completely selfish. "Philanthropy, Nellie?" you say. Absolutely! The philanthropist only gives because it makes him/her feel good, perhaps even “worthy.” He/she might even offer his/her charity for no other reason than public recognition. Philanthropy’s actual root is selfishness. So too is the core of any sensual encounter, no matter how utterly satiating it may be for both participating souls.

It has to be that way. Why? When you and I both have something at stake—a need, a want, a burning desire—then we can best serve one another. If he/she gives you the orgasm of your life, if he/she makes you feel like a god or goddess via his/her affection and adoration, you’re going to return the gesture two-fold. Why? Because you want him/her to stick around and do it time and time again; it’s in your best interest to do so.

“Sacrifice” is sorely overrated. It may hold a relationship together on the surface, but it doesn’t satisfy both parties. And, if you’re not really satisfied, then what’s the point of the "relationship"???

When you have no incentive, when you’re doing everything simply for the collective cause, there’s no reason, there’s no purpose, and there’s absolutely no passion in it all.

And, really, what’s sensuality without passion???


Till next week...

Peace & Luv



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