Thursday, September 6, 2007

Liquid Love

This delightful chocolate shake recipe is designed to "caress you from the inside out." And, keep in mind, it's a raw food recipe, so it's completely healthy for you. In fact, you're not only stirring your love nature with this authentic chocolate smoothie, but—believe it or not—you're actually detoxifying your body as well!

You’ll need a blender. Then, place the following items in the blender:

• Three Bananas
• Five teaspoons Raw Cacao Powder (add more if need be)
• Two tablespoons Maca
• One cup Goji Berries
• One cup Strawberries
• 16 oz. Purified/Spring Water
• Blend then chill in blender pitcher
• When properly chilled, pull from fridge and blend for ten seconds
• Serve

Then, drink while you read a great love story!

Till next time...

Peace & Luv



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