Tuesday, September 25, 2007

As Wooing Withers

He’s intimidated by your career, by your wants, by your ambition, by your fortitude, by your strength—even though he says he “only wants the best for you.”

He needs you to coddle him—day and night—because he’s “sensitive.” According to dictionary.com, “sensitive” means, among other things: 1.) aware of and responsive to the feelings of others. 2.) readily or excessively affected by external agencies or influences. Unfortunately, you’re dying for the former; he’s offering only the latter, as his manhood fractures at the slightest criticism, resistance, or disapproval.

Truth be told, in lieu of a mate or equal, you’ve unknowingly become your lover’s surrogate mother. Yeah, the new millennium man is a sniffling, pseudo-sensitive, insecure, modern male drip.

And you’ve landed yourself a ripe one.

You scratch your head and say, “Nellie, why is there no chivalry left in the world today?”

I exhale a mighty sigh and roll my eyes. “Why is there no chivalry in the world today, luv? Because, there are no real men left in the world today…

"Except in fiction.”


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