Sunday, May 18, 2008

Midnight in the Park

Just returned returned from a midnight stroll at the dog park with my bitches, and I'm left with a thought and a gesture.

The thought:

Forget all this political nonsense and enjoy yourself. Today's American political scene is designed simply to agitate you and scare you into voting. Forget it. Go play. Nothing you can do is going to change a thing at this point; America is a has-been nation, and it'll certainly bottom-out before it ascends once again. It's the way all cycles operate. (Just ask any alcoholic, you know?)

If you really want to "change" something or "help" someone then start a foundation, adopt a stray pet, take in a homeless woman and her daughter, risk everything and build a business that employs hundreds of people, giving them a lifeline. But DON'T think you're changing a damn thing just because you're one of the few idiots left that actually buys Hilary's tired act, Obama's bullshit, or McCain's meaningless bromide.

Forget about the billion-dollar industry that is American politics today, and instead focus on your immediate environment, on the people you love, those you call neighbors, the places you want to go, the body you want to nourish and build.

The gesture:

As well, here's a simple but grand recipe for all you juicers. I stumbled across it the other day and fell in love with it.


We want a medium-sized coffee mug for this one.

Then, juice in this order (because the apple juice tends to settle):

One large lemon, peeled
1.5 cups strawberries
One pink lady apple, diced into four pieces



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